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its better to leave than to be replaced

feeling good today! thank you Allah

hypocrisy at its finest lmao



allah ♥

Should I

you wont understand

bodyweight workout

everytime I look at you it just kills me

wrong time to cry

so used to guys telling me “wow your bff is hot”.
so used to being the ugly friend.
so used to being the biggest/fattest person in the clique.
so used to being the only one who cant wear shorts cause of having fat thighs.
so used to being ignored by guys cause my friends are more attractive.

and im sick and tired of this. dont try to tell me its not true cause it is.

lets hope this plan works.

I hate how forgiving I am

waking up at 2:45am for The Arsenal. come on you gunners!!

upper body workout done!!!
2.4km run tomorrow yay

dayana. 16. Allah, Arsenal, Arctic Monkeys.

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